The Prince of Nothingwood

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Sonia Kronlund’s touching and often hilarious directorial debut screened to much acclaim in Cannes 2017. Its subject is Salim Shaheen, the Ed Wood of Afghanistan, witnessed in his element during a week of filming on his latest feature. A total force of nature, Shaheen has managed to make, star-in and self-distribute no fewer than 110 films over the past thirty years, despite the country’s ongoing war.

Bolstered by a cast of warm, flamboyant characters and Kronlund’s wealth of experience – she has been visiting and reporting from Afghanistan as a radio journalist for over 15 years – THE PRINCE OF NOTHINGWOOD is a crowd-pleasing love letter to filmmaking, anchored by its exuberant and extraordinary protagonist.


Director: Sonia Kronlund
Starring: Salim Shaheen, Qurban Ali, Sonia Kronlund
Running Time: 85 minutes