American Siege

On Digital 10th January 2022


Washed up Sheriff Ben Watts (Bruce Willis) guards the secrets of the wealthy residents of Fitzgerald, a quiet town buried in the south of Georgia. When three outlaws take a prominent town doctor, John Keats, hostage inside his sprawling lakeside home, Sheriff Watts is called in to handle the situation before the FBI arrives. In a race against time, the mayor, Charles Routledge (Timothy V. Murphy) pressures Sheriff Watts to launch an assault on the hostage-takers, but Sheriff Watts realizes Dr. Keats is at the heart of conspiracy surrounding missing the town’s missing residents. As the Sheriff’s loyalties are tested, Charles Routledge enlists a former Soldier of Fortune, Silas (Johnny Messner), to eliminate all witnesses. The Sheriff is forced to confront his own failings as a leader and must carve a bloody warpath to expose all of the town’s dark secrets.



Director: Edward Drake
Writers: Edward Drake, Corey Large
Cast: Bruce Willis, Rob Gough, Timothy V. Murphy
Running Time: TBC
Release Date: 10th January 2022