You’ll be praying for check out time this April, as Vertigo Releasing announces the arrival of the acclaimed hotel-set chiller THE NIGHT.

Described by ROGEREBERT.COM as a “remarkable evocation of Kubrickian horror”, THE NIGHT is an outstanding debut feature from Iranian American writer/director Kourosh Ahari, featuring fantastic lead performances from Shahab Hosseini (Cannes and Berlin Film Festival winner for The Salesman and A Separation), and Niousha Noor (Here and Now), as a beleaguered couple haunted by the past. Set over a long dark night of the soul, the film is superbly mounted, with a nerve-jangling soundtrack and a slow-building sense of dread – managing to combine a sensitive look at the immigrant experience in the US with some genuinely shattering horror moments.

Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2020 Molins Film Festival in Barcelona,  the film also screened at the Sitges, Santa Barbara, and Nightstream film festivals last year. Filmed in a hotel in Los Angeles suspected to really be haunted, that makes The Overlook seem positively welcoming in comparison, THE NIGHT is a chiller that, like The Babadook and Hereditary, shows that horror rooted in family grief and guilt is the most terrifying of all. The first US-produced film to be released in Iran since the 1979 revolution, Ahari’s breathtaking debut is a brilliantly gripping and nightmarish vision by a masterful new talent – with an ending M Night Shyamalan would kill for. The film recalls recent outstanding chillers His House and The Vigil, Iranian horror favourite Under The Shadow, and Turkish cult frightener Baskin.

“There’s no way out for you two”

SYNOPSIS: A married couple, Iranian immigrants Babak and Neda, book into a gone-to-seed Los Angeles ‘boutique’ hotel, with their one-year-old daughter, after their GPS malfunctions. During the course of the night, they are plagued by noises on the roof of their gloomy hotel room, banging at the door, voices calling out in the dark, and a very peculiar concierge. After an unsettling encounter with a cop at five in the morning, the couple find themselves plunged into a seemingly endless, escalating nightmare. 

Vertigo Releasing acquired the film from Premiere Entertainment Group, who are handling international sales. The film is produced by Alex Bretow for Mammoth Pictures, Ahari for Mammoth Pictures, Jeffrey Allard (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) for Indie Entertainment, Cheryl Staurulakis for Orama Filmworks, Armin Amiri for Supernova8 Films, and Mohammad Dormanesh for Ayat Film Company in Iran. Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) is consulting producer. George Rush (Sorry to Bother You), Behnam Bebahani, Leo Staurulakis, Ryan Clarkson, David Spisak, Chris Johns and P.K. Patel executive produce. THE NIGHT is from production company Mammoth Pictures, in association with 7Skies Entertainment, Indie Entertainment, Orama Filmworks, Leveller Media and Supernova8 Films. IFC Midnight (The Babadook) released THE NIGHT in theaters and premium on-demand in North America, where it hit top charts on digital platforms. 


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