Terrifying new horror film The Wretched gets 8th May release date

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Something wicked is lurking in the cellar in truly scary, gruesome and shocking new horror film, THE WRETCHED, which tells the story of a teenager going up against a 1000-year-old witch.

We’re pleased to announce the digital release date for our latest acquisition The Wretched, written and directed by the Pierce Brothers (directors of cult zom-com Deadheads) and starring John-Paul Howard, last seen in horror comedy Snatchers. The film is a cross between Fright Night and The Witch, with a breathtakingly tense opening sequence and moments reminiscent of horror classic The Evil Dead; unsurprising considering the Pierce Brothers’ father, Bart, worked on the effects for that film.


Key talent:

Cast – 

John-Paul Howard (Snatchers, Hell or High Water)

Piper Curda (Youth & Consequences)

Jamison Jones (True Detective)

Azie Tesfai (Supergirl)

Zara Mahler (Nightmare Cinema)

Writers/Directors – 

The Pierce Brothers (Deadheads)



A rebellious teenage boy, Ben, visiting his father for the summer makes a haunting discovery — A malevolent fiend from the deep woods stalks the young family living next door. Taking ahold of the mother, the creature begins playing a terrifying game of house while preying upon the local children. Alone in his suspicions, Ben launches into a perilous crusade to stop the wretched evil before it consumes everything he holds dear. 


Absolutely top-notch terror Anton Bitel, Projected Figures

“Wholly entertaining… a nightmarish fairytale” Dread Central

“A Stephen King style horror tale to champion” Electric Shadows

“A film I’ve not been able to stop thinking about!” Entertainment Focus


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