WWII drama ‘Resistance’, starring Jesse Eisenberg, for 19th June Release

Vertigo releasing is pleased to announce the acquisition of, and digital release date for RESISTANCE, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Clémence Poésy and Matthias Schweighöfer, and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz. 

RESISTANCE tells the remarkable true story of a lesser known part of the French Resistance in World War Two. Before he becomes a world-famous mime, aspiring Jewish actor Marcel Marceau (Eisenberg) joins the resistance thanks to his friend Emma (Poésy), in order to save thousands of orphaned children from the Nazis. Their mission: to take the children safely across the Swiss border whilst being pursued by the ruthless SS Klaus Barbie (Schweighöfer). 

Telling Marceau’s unique story was a matter very dear to director Jonathan Jakubowicz’s heart.

He says, “It is my most personal work by far. Writing the script and realising this project brought me closer to the memory of my grandparents… Not a day went by that I didn’t cry – be it with grief or joy. And it wasn’t just me: all the actors had a very personal connection to this era and this story. And you can see that on the screen.”

A Pantaleon Films, Epicentral Studios, Rocket Science, Vertical Media, Ingenious and Neptune production, funded by FilmFörderFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund and Czech Film Fund. 

Resistance will be available across digital platforms in the UK and Ireland  from 19th June

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